Mueller makes referral on Tony Podesta and two others for failing to register as a foreign agent

Daily Mail:
Robert Mueller has referred three top Washington lobbyists to federal prosecutors over work they did for pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians.

They include Tony Podesta, whose brother John was campaign manager for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run, and former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig.

Former Minnesota Republican Congressman Vin Weber was the third under investigation, with all referred in the past five months.

The trio potentially didn't register their work for foreign agents, as required by law, and there were questions about how they were paid, according to CNN.

Failing to register such lobbying work carries a jail term of up to five years, but enforcing this has not previously been a priority.

Registering would have forced them to reveal the nature of their work in public reports to the Justice Department.

Mr Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, handed off the cases to the Southern District of New York.
Before the Manafort trail began there was some speculation that Tony Podesta may have been granted immunity to testify.  That would have been a curious move since Mueller has charged Manafort with that same crime.   The referral also clouds teh Democrat narrative about Russian collusion involving the Trump campaign.  Now Mueller needs to go after those responsible for the Steele dossier for their obvious collusion with the Russians who were the sources for teh unverifiable material.


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