Media madness over the nothing burger meeting at Trump Tower

Byron York:
On a quiet Sunday, Trump Tower mania strikes
This looks like a sign of desperation by the anti-Trump media and left.  Nothing happened at this meeting that had any impact whatsoever on the 2016 election.  People who proposed the meeting suggested that there was dirt to be had on Hillary Clinton.  After the meeting, those who were there from the Trump campaign thought it was wasted time and the allegations against Hillary Clinton were never apart of the campaign.

When compared to the Clinton use of Fusion GPS and Steele to put together bogus charges against Trump and then get the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign, the Trump Tower meeting was totally inconsequential.  That the media tried to make a big deal out of that meeting demonstrates mania on their part and not evidence of "collusion" or even "attempted collusion."  It was just an opposition research meeting that turned up nothing the Trump team thought was of value.

BTW, the actual conversation did turn out to be about adoptions of Russian children.


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