Liberals attack blacks who leave Democrat plantation

Washington Examiner:
Conservative commentator Candace Owens said Monday that liberals believe they "own" black people, but suggested that may soon change.

The claim came up as Owens discussed with Fox News' Sean Hannity how she and colleague Charlie Kirk, the head of the conservative student organization Turning Point USA, were harassed by liberal protesters at a Philadelphia restaurant earlier in the day. In tweets, Owens blamed "ANTIFA, an all-white fascist organization."

They "just grew violent and attacked an all-black and Hispanic police force. Because I, a BLACK woman, was eating breakfast. Is this the civil rights era all over again?"

Hannity said: "It seems that race comes up a lot because you happen to be conservative and you happen to be an African-American."

After Hannity mentioned Deneen Borelli, a black conservative author who said Google searches brought up racially charged results, Owens said it was part of a prevailing attitude by liberals.

"Liberals believe that they own blacks — still. They believe they're something proprietary about being black in this country and if you deviate from the way they want you to think in the way they want you to act they grow violent," she said.
Polling indicates blacks are beginning to see the problem with Democrats.  In the past blacks supporting Republicans were between five and ten percent of the black community.  A recent poll found Trump's support among blacks now at 29 percent.  If that holds, the Democrats chances of winning become remote.


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