LeBron James is a great basketball player, but his lack of an education leads him to say things that are historically illiterate

Washington Post:
When it comes to political and social activism, athletes of all colors and genders are increasingly finding their voice and refusing to remain silent. Just look at what happened after President Trump’s tweet about James gained loft.
 When James makes references to slavery in his dispute with the President he demonstrates he knows nothing about slavery.  Slaves do not get paid, much less get paid millions.  Slaves can't quit their job and take another as James just did.  It was a strange thing for him to say but it does show how some athletes success has little to do with their education.  It also demeans the real experience of slaves.

Trump tweeted about LeBron because LeBron took a shot at him over the anthem issue.  It is typical of Trump to counterattack when criticized.  The other athletes joining in criticism of Trump will not endear themselves to their Republican fans.


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