It is racist to criticize the black guy?

Washington Post:
‘This president trafficks in racism’: Don Lemon on Trump’s comments about LeBron James

The anchor’s polemic on “CNN Tonight” felt especially personal.
This is nonsensical.  The President treats LeBron James like he treats all his critics, regardless of race or creed.  Trump is not racists.  He is also not politically correct and that makes liberals angry with him.

In recent days white Antifa members attempted to shout down and insult Candice Owens who is a black conservative.  They were calling her "racist."  That is how silly the left has become on the issue of racism.  They call people they disagree with racists regardless of whether they meet the definition of a racist. 

People like Lemon aid and abet this nonsense and misuse the term racists for political reasons.  They use the term as an all purpose attack on political opponents and in the process make real racism less meaningful.


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