Is Iran behind the recent attacks by Hamas against Israel?

David Thorton:
It has been a few years since a war in the Middle East, so we are about due for another. It seems that the next war may be coming to a boil along the Israeli-Gaza border.

The fighting started yesterday with an estimated 36 rockets fired by Hamas in Gaza toward Israeli cities. AP reports that the Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted some rockets, but at least one hit a house in the Israeli town of Sderot, injuring six people. Blogger Joel Rosenberg reports that as many as 200 missiles have been fired and 11 Israelis injured.

Israel responded with a series of airstrikes on Hamas targets in Gaza. The targets included “an offensive maritime terror tunnel ... several terror sites in military compounds throughout the Gaza Strip ... rocket manufacturing facilities and a central logistical military complex.” Gaza’s Health Ministry reported that three Palestinians were wounded.

There has never been any question that Iran’s ultimate goal was to confront and destroy Israel. The only question was when. Now that Iran is consolidating its gains in Syria, it has the ability to face Israel on two fronts. It is likely that the fragile peace that Israel has enjoyed for several years is gone for the foreseeable future.
Israel has been attacking Iranian forces in Syria for weeks and this is a likely response.  If Iran is behind this, it is unlikely to be well received by the people of Iran who are tired of the mullah's proxy wars draining resources while the people struggle to just survi9ve in Iran.


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