Immigration status not reported in robbery at mall jewelry store

McAllen, Texas public officials appeared to be caught lying by omission on Monday after CBS correspondent David Begnaud reported via Twitter that they were failing to disclose the legal status of seven suspects involved in a jewelry store robbery. It was a scoop backed-up by two federal law enforcement sources familiar with the case but during that night’s CBS Evening News, the network completely ignored it.

Following a jewelry store robbery at La Plaza Mall on Saturday, local officials told the press they had arrested seven male suspects believed to be involved in the incident, which was originally thought to be an active shooter situation. The two law enforcement officials familiar with the case were disturbed by that explanation because it omitted the fact that all the men arrested were illegal immigrants.

“According to two sources, two law enforcement sources, seven suspects responsible for a robbery at La Plaza Mall in McAllen, Texas are in the country illegally,” he continued. Begnaud’s sources told him that all seven of the men arrested were “Mexican nationals” and some of them “had been previously deported”.

“My sources also tell me they crossed—the illegal immigrants crossed into the country in Reynosa, Mexico. They claim to have paid $4,500 per person to enter the country illegally with the help of a smuggler,” he added.

Begnaud’s video was not just a one-off. He checked in periodically with updates on the case including mugshots of the suspects. “There’s a concern among law enforcement as to why local officials in McAllen aren’t releasing details about the suspects’ immigration status, background, etc,” he wrote as he highlighted Oscar Margain, border correspondent for TEGNA who was also trying to get to the bottom of what was going on.

“When I asked a McAllen police spokesman if the 7 suspects were in the country illegally, he said ‘I don’t know,’” Begnaud reported in another update. “My federal law enformcent[sic] sources say the local police do know. As to why they aren’t saying it, I’m not sure.”
NewsBusters discovered the information in the reporter's Twitter feed.  CBS apparently never told that important part of the story.  It gives the impression it did not fit their narrative about illegal immigrants.  I get the impression the bandits were trying to recoup the money they had to give to the Mexicans they paid to smuggle them into the US.


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