Force field technology could make US tanks invincible

Fox News:
Astonishingly futuristic new tech creates a seemingly invisible, impenetrable, protective bubble around military armored vehicles making enemy attempts to fire at U.S. tanks pretty pointless – those rounds won’t hit the tank, they’ll explode mid-air.

Think of it almost like making a tank smart enough to defend itself. With the upgrade, tanks automatically protect the crew inside and prevent enemy rounds from making contact with the armor.

Within the blink of an eye, this remarkable technology detects the enemy fire, locates it and launches a response that destroys the threat at a safe distance from the vehicle.

It is sort of like a tiny missile defense system used to protect countries– but one designed to ride along with armored vehicles.

RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) and even Anti-Tank Guided Missiles that can slay tanks are stopped mid-air, precisely intercepted and prevented from hitting the U.S. military tank.

Most types of enemy fire will never reach a tank protected with this tech. It will change warfare forever.

The mind-blowing tech is called Active Protection Systems – or APS.

APS gives soldiers massively better protection, but without adding the weight of additional armor slowing down the vehicles’ speed and maneuverability.
If this technology is effective it could also change the makeup of the tanks and other armored vehicles.  They could become much lighter and more maneuverable and also more fuel efficient giving them greater range.


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