Facebook treats illegal immigrants like conservatives?

Washington Times:
Facebook’s new policy for purchasing political ads will shut out illegal immigrants and some other noncitizens, activists groups complained Thursday.

The policy requires a Social Security number — something only American citizens and migrants who have been approved for work in the U.S. are generally supposed to have.

“Facebook’s constantly evolving ad buying policies discriminate against immigrants based on their citizenship status, effectively silencing organizations that are led by already marginalized people. We demand that they rethink their processes and stop targeting immigrants,” said Isabel Sousa with the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

Activists said the policy was particularly egregious to them because Facebook has sold ad space to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the government agency that mans the ports of entry and patrols the border to snare drugs, weapons and people trying to be snuck into the U.S.

“Which side is Facebook on?” the groups demanded, suggesting the internet giant must choose between federal law enforcement and illegal immigrants.

The policy, which Facebook rolled out in May, is designed to push back against efforts by foreign actors, including Russian operatives, to meddle in U.S. elections. Some of the ads were even paid for in rubles, the Russian currency, sparking outrage that Facebook hadn’t done due diligence in screening out non-American interference.
So illegals are having as much trouble as conservatives getting a fair shake on Facebook?  While I would hope that Facebook sides with law and order, I will not hold my breath.  Silicon Valley remains a hostile environment for conservatives who actually outnumber illegals.


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