Author not impressed by 'the Resistance'

Best-selling author and producer Bret Easton Ellis, in the latest episode of his podcast, railed against the collective hysteria on the Resistance Left over President Donald Trump, how entertainment and media corporations are constructing destructive speech rules in the wake of James Gunn and Roseanne Barr’s firing, and how CNN’s “thuddingly obvious” political bias has made it unwatchable.

“The Left, it seems, does not want to engage with the Right. They just want to attack. And this is what is dismantling them — making them seem like petulant babies, increasingly desperate and flailing into space, throwing anything at the wall to see if it’ll stick to take Trump down,” Ellis says of the Resistance movement working to bring down President Donald Trump.

“You want to know something? Nothing has taken Trump down,” the America Psycho scribe explains.

“I’ve been waiting for the economy to tank, which the New York Times stated would happen if Trump were elected a week after November 8 2016; the planet to melt, people to die, nuclear war, mass death, the U.S. to collapse to a big fiery hole, Trump to be impeached, Stormy Daniels to bring him down, no jobs for anyone, a horrendous economy, pee tapes, and Russian tanks on the streets, and on and on and on,” Ellis said of the promises from the media and and his partisan friends on the Left.”

“The hysteria about this on the Left” Ellis said, “seems to make him stronger. He feeds off of it like a cockroach feeds off trash. The hysteria from the Left, which includes violence and vandalism has turned off everyone else. So you basically have this echo-chamber listening to itself; flattering itself, sniffing each other’s butts, ensuring itself that they are on the right side of history. And the institutions residing in this echo-chamber are, of course, the mainstream media, mindless college kids and academia, and the depressing spectacle that is Hollywood in 2018.”

“The Resistance just shrieks and wails and says ‘fuck you Trump’ and the apocalypse is coming; we’re all going to die, Trump is evil, and if you don’t resist him you’re evil, too,” Ellis says of “this overreaction epidemic coming from the face of the Progressive party that touts itself as inclusive and diverse. Yet, every time it gets the chance, it automatically tries to shut down inclusivity and diversity of thought.”
Ellis goes on to explain why he has turned off CNN.  I share his views about the hysteria on the left.  It seems to be getting worse with each failure of their doomsday scenarios.


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