Attacking Trump and his voters creates hostile environment for media?

NY Times:

The media thinks those it attacks should not fight back against them?  They prefer the stoic punching bag approach like George W. Bush who allowed them to abuse him to the point that his popularity was down in the 20's by the time he left office.  Trump refuses to go along with the media's old strategy of destroying Republicans and propping up Democrats.  Saying "CNN sucks" in public only reflects what many feel in private.  Jim Acosta acts like a jerk and is therefore treated like one.

The major mistake the media made with Trump was their stated belief that he was undeserving of fair treatment.  If the media expects more respect, they should reciprocate.  Virtually all of Trump's criticism of the media is in response to what he sees as unfair reporting.

The accusation that the media has something to fear from physical assault by Trump voters is misplaced.  In today's politics, the physical assaults are all coming from the left and those being targeted are Trump supporters.

Just this week a woman was accused of deliberately hitting another car with her own because that car had a Trump sticker.  Antifa has been caught giving lessons on how to make painful assaults on Trump supporters.  The San Jose police have been sued for failing to protect Trump supporters when attacked by leftists.

Saying CNN sucks is pretty mild by comparison.


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