A coordinated effort to mess with the 2018 election?

NY Times:

Facebook Discovers Coordinated Effort to Disrupt 2018 Election

The social media network has identified coordinated political influence campaigns using fake accounts to influence the midterm elections on issues like “Unite the Right” and #AbolishICE.
They apparently suspect the Russians with an effort to prank the election, but this kind of goofy stuff does not compare to the coordinated effort by Google, FaceBook, and Twitter to suppress conservative speech. 

All of them are engaged in an effort to stop honest conservatives from engaging in a debate on the issues on their platform. 

Twitter is accused of "shadow banning" conservatives making it harder for backers to read what conservatives they follow are saying.  FaceBook and Google are accused of using algorithms to bury conservative speech. 

It appears to be a pervasive effort by Silicon Valley liberals to put their thumb on the scales and the mainstream media seems OK with this kind of unfair treatment. 


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