Why is media defending NATO members who are not living up to their obligations?

Washington Post:

Trump upends NATO summit, demands that allies increase their defense spending

President Trump’s ambush jolted the transatlantic alliance, and some diplomats perceived his comments as threatening a U.S. withdrawal from NATO. But Trump later declared in a news conference, “I believe in NATO.”
Trump says he got a commitment from those who have failed to spend two percent of GDP to do so.  You would think that would be deemed a success.  I suspect if Obama got it the Post would be touting it as a success.  But the Post has a hostile attitude toward all things Trump and they have difficulty dealing with him when he is right about anything. 

His questioning of Germany's investment in a Russian pipeline was right on point.  They will spend billions with the people they are asking the US to defend them from.  Why does the Post even pretend that makes sense?  The only answer that comes to mind is that they are blinded by their low regard for the President.


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