The economy disputes this assertion

NY Times:

How Trump’s Policies Frustrate Industries He Pledged to Help

President Trump says he wants his trade policies and regulatory rollbacks to help groups like automakers, farmers and metalworkers. But some of those groups say the proposals could actually hurt them.
It could be that some of the regulations cut were supported by industry as a way to control competitors.  But the bottom line as seen by the economic numbers in the post below demonstrate that we are in an economic boom. 

The biggest concern of some industries and businesses is whether the tariffs Trump is proposing in order to get fairer trade with others will do harm before those trading partners come to the table and compromise. 

It is a high risk negotiating strategy that could take more time than businesses are willing to give it to succeed.  But it is already having an effect as Germany is also coming under pressure from others about its unfair trading practices.


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