That he likes and respects women

Washington Post:
What men are trying to say when they show off their Female Relationship Résumé

Listening to a man, like Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, talk about how much he loves the women in his life is actually pretty useless because it’s about individual interactions and emotional relationships, not about systems, societal problems and how the bearer of the résumé plans to address them.
The writer's real complaint is that he is not a liberal or a feminist.  One of the more absurd claims I saw after the nomination was the assertion that there was a desire to "eviscerate" women.  Personally, I like women and have no desire to do them harm.  I do think that liberal politicians are wrong on many issues.  Just like I think this writer is wrong about why Brett Kavanaugh's love of the women in his life somehow means he wants to see women treated like the false narrative in the Hand Maiden's stories.  That is a liberal horror story that has nothing to do with reality.


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