Some Never Trumpers decide to side with the evils of liberalism since it is clear their message has been rejected by Republicans

Howard Kurtz:
The conservative commentators who absolutely despise President Trump are in a box.

During the campaign, many loudly proclaimed that they could never vote for Trump. But they said they didn't want Hillary Clinton to win either. So some opted for fringe candidates or third-party candidates or write-in candidates or told people to make up their own minds.

This was something of a charade. Either Trump or Clinton was going to be the next president. So by refusing to back Trump, they were increasing the chances that Hillary would win.

Now, with the midterms approaching, some of those on the right are taking the step that they refused to take in 2016: They are openly rooting for the Democrats.

This is how topsy-turvy our politics have become.

Here's the debate: Are these onetime Republicans so blinded by what I call Trump Trauma that they're running into the arms of the opposition party? Or is this a one-off, a temporary defection to restrain a president they think is damaging the country?

These people deserve to be taken seriously. But it doesn't invalidate their arguments to say that there are certain rewards in the media culture for conservatives who break with their side. Favorable publicity. MSNBC contracts. New respect from the left for their independence. (Flip the script for a moment and think about how the few Democratic pundits who broke with Barack Obama were denigrated or dismissed.)
There is more.

These people have become fringe characters in the GOP and their ranks have been thinned somewhat because of the success of Trump at pushing a conservative agenda.  The formerly Never Trumpers at National Revue seem more on board with Trump's agenda and still support Republican candidates, but some like Max Boot and Bill Kristol seem ready to support Democrats who will resist Trump appointments to the Supreme Court and his economic agenda. 

Personally, while I was a reluctant Trump voter in 2016, I will be an enthusiastic supporter in the next election.  I remain a Never Democrat voter.  I haven't voted for them since I realized how they had screwed up Vietnam.

BTW, speaking of Vietnam, the same Democrats who now are all open borders hoping to recruit Hispanic voters, opposed the Vietnamese fleeing Communist genocide after the North Vietnam conquest facilitated by the Democrats.  They opposed the Vietnamese because they thought they would be reliable Republican voters.  Among them was California Gov. Brown who now opposes the enforcement of immigration laws.


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