Media appears oblivious to how out of it they were at the Trump-Putin press conference

Rush Limbaugh:
RUSH: Hey, folks, parts of this joint press conference here between Trump and Putin were comedy gold. Parts of this press conference were some of the funniest stuff that’s been on American television since Trump was elected. I mean, I have been laughing myself silly. I don’t laugh out loud much watching television anymore. It’s a sad reality, but watching TV does not make any laugh anymore. But I have been laughing out loud — uncontrollably at times — watching this joint presser. What makes it is that the United States media regularly beclowns itself, makes fools of themselves because they really have it in their heads…

I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t know if they really do believe that Trump and Putin colluded to steal the election, if they’ve been reporting that for so long that they actually now believe it. Because even with Mueller, there isn’t any evidence of it. Which reminds me, Mueller’s indictment… Wait ’til you hear what the Drive-Bys are trying to do with this indictment! It is craziest thing! It is laughable, because our media has become a collective joke.

The problem with our media becoming a collective joke is that they have the ability to wreak tremendous havoc and do great damage. But these people are a laughingstock, and they do not know it. They do not have the humility or even the presence of mind to know how they are perceived — and that is a killer quality, or lack of a quality. To not know how you’re perceived when you’re in any business is death. Business death.

It’s amazing to me to watch the right-before-before-our-eyes decline of the stature, the respect, the integrity and the perceived intelligence of members of the United States White House or presidential press corps. This is just… I don’t know. I have all kinds of mixed emotions watching it. I go through the anger. But I can’t stay angry very long because I can’t stop laughing at this. For example, some AP reporter stood up, he got the last question of Trump, and he (laughing) asked Trump, “Okay. U.S. intelligence says that Russia meddled.

“Russia says they didn’t. Who do you believe?” And then the guy says to Putin, “Do you have any compromising material on President Trump and his family?” I about lost it at this point. It was a serious question. “Do you have any compromising material on President Trump and his family?” And Putin and Trump both just laughed, and Putin’s facial expression was priceless! Putin’s facial expression was over the top. You could tell that he thought this guy was an idiot.

He was trying not to bust out laughing out loud over the question, because it’s such an amateurish question. Here you’re asking a KGB agent, “Do you have compromising material on President Trump and his family?” And Putin… “Who are these people?” He’s looking at them, “I can’t believe you’re sending such idiots to ask questions of me.” So Putin goes into some answer, “Well, you know, when Trump was here supposedly with the sluts in the hotel, I didn’t even know he was here. I didn’t even know!” (laughing)

He thought he knew what the guy was asking about. He’s asking about the dossier, and Putin says, “Well, you know, I know a little bit how dossiers are made.” He’s just taunting with these people.” (chuckles) This is like a cat that was taunting with a little lizard running loose in my house. I see it every now and then when my cat catches a lizard. It just toys with it — and the cat’s not trying to kill the lizard. It’s just nature being nature. The lizard darts around and the cat follows it. It just… It was amazing....
There is much more.

The media has been trying to tie the indicted Russians to Trump's sarcastic remark about finding the missing 30,000 emails of Clinton.  What makes that theory even sillier is that she had already had the server bleach bited to destroy the evidence and obstruct justice.   I have to admit that like Rush I thought parts of the press conference were funny.  What was even funnier was how serious many politicians took it.


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