Hungary's foreign minister makes the case against open borders and against multiculturalism

This is a hostile interview by a BBC reporter who clearly seems to think open borders and multiculturalism is the way to go.

Jazz Shaw summarizes the interview.  Here is one paragraph from his long piece:
The entire thing is pretty brutal, but some of the highlights come when Szijjártó addresses the accusations of an “unfair” election. The reporter raises the claim from the opposition that the ruling party used excessive campaign funds to run advertisements. The Foreign Minister is having none of it, saying, “You echo lies on this television. And I don’t think it’s fair. You are unbalanced, you are one-sided. You look only at the opinion of those who are frustrated because they lost the election.”
I found the BBC reporter to be unlikable.  Szijjártón does an able job in response to her misleading questions.


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