Government crackdown in Iran finds people shooting back at militia

Monica Showalter:
... Iranians can protest till the cows come home, whether it's the truckers protesting artificial costs, teachers protesting theft of their pensions, villagers protesting mismanagement of water resources, kitchen-sink Iranians protesting the 131.15% inflation (admittedly no match for Venezuela's 40,000%), according to inflation expert Steve Hanke, and locals always protesting corruption....

Until now.

Apparently the mullahs and their goon squads were in for a surprise when on Sunday, someone opened fire on them in Khorramshahr, 400 miles southwest of Tehran, as they rolled in to shut down a protest over locals getting poisoned by untreated water. It's an area with a large Arabic population out near the Iraqi border. The gunfire came back at them.

Mowing down is now going two ways, and it's clear the regime is scared - their official state media said the protestors only threw stones and garbage. Well, no. There's a spectacular, well-shot video on Twitter here, showing a protestor firing back on the Iranian state goons, and it's starting to attract the notice of the news - here, here, here and here. Breitbart (the last link) says four were killed. The mullahs are saying it was one.

Gives you the flavor of the propaganda war going on, and the mullahs' desperate and failing effort to suppress the news. Scared they are, indeed. And this is likely to get worse.

Now, it was just one person with a gun, and we have occasionally seen that sort of thing in both Cuba ad Venezuela. It may mean nothing and go away. But the fact that the news is on it serves as a multiplier effect and is likely to encourage more action. That's different from what's going on in Cuba or Venezuela where such events are found only in local news briefs. Meanwhile, as we have reported here, there is a big conference of Iran democracy activists over in Paris and it's being closely watched by all sorts of Iranian exiles, as noted in the tele-presence of Albanians here. You can BET the Iranians are watching, too.
It is too early to determine whether others will take up arms against the despots ruling Iran, but they appear to be losing control of the situation.  It may come down to how many of their own people the Ayatollahs are willing to kill.


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