Being unhinged is not a good look for Democrats

Washington Post:
Democrats believed political outrage could help the party win in November. Now some fear it could backfire.

Anger at President Trump and Republicans has led to radical ideas and open disputes among Democrats over what the party should focus on as the midterms approach.
Some of the hysteria on the left has been led by the media.  Their open hostility to the President and their belief that he is not worthy of being treated fairly has encouraged some of the unhinged actions on the left.  Party leaders are now seeing this hysteria as a problem. 

Can they put the genie back in the bottle now?  It will be difficult because so many of their members in Congress are just as unhinged. 

The absurdity of pushing for doing away with ICE is just one of the latest elements.  It grew out of a false narrative about the separation of children from parents facing criminal charges.  That is something that effects over two million kids in this country that has nothing to do with immigration. Yet they actually proposed changing the law to release the criminals as if having kids is a get out of jail free card.  They are allowing their emotions to override common sense.


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