Alternative energy can't handle extreme weather

Washington Examiner:
Puerto Rico's fossil fuel power plants fared better than solar and wind, say feds
This should not be that surprising even though proponents of alternative energy suggested it was teh answer after the hurricane.  Neither windmills or solar panels can really survive hurricane force winds.  It is also true that neither perform efficiently in extreme cold or heat.
Most onshore wind power plants, representing 76 percent of the island's total wind energy, are currently not operating. Solar energy farms fared a little better, with 32 percent of the resource not generating electricity. One battery facility, representing 12 percent of the island's battery capacity, is not operational, the agency said.

“One wind and one solar plant reported that they were out of service and not expected to return within the calendar year,” the agency stated.
Traditional fossil fuel plants faired better.
Over 99 percent of the hydroelectric and fossil-fueled power plants in Puerto Rico reported their status as operational as of April, according to the new report.


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