Why all the empathy for someone whose stories invaded privacy and destroyed lives?

NY Times:

Seizing of Reporter’s Records Is Called a ‘Fundamental Threat’

The revelation that federal prosecutors seized years’ worth of email and phone records from a New York Times reporter drew criticism from news organizations and press rights groups.
Let's see.  She slept with a guy who was supposed to protect the nation's secrets in order to reveal them as part of a political vendetta against a President that many in the media opposed. 

In the process, innocent people have been put through a McCarthyite meat grinder and faced with financial ruin because Democrats had to make an excuse for losing an election. 

The media's conduct in the Russian collusion hoax will be remembered as one of the worst performances in the history of journalism.  She is lucky she has not been charged as a co-conspirator like the Obama administration alleged with James Rosen.

Where is your empathy for Michael Caputo and others who have been put through hell because the Democrats had to push a false conspiracy theory and the media decided to support it? 


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