Unemployment drops to 2.4 percent in Midland-Odessa near Texas Permian Basin

Fuel Fix:
Energy companies in Houston and elsewhere have ramped up hiring as oil prices hover at their highest levels since 2014, according to LinkedIn's monthly workforce report.

Hiring in the oil and gas industry increased by 5.2 percent within the past year. In Houston, it grew by 12.4 percent.

Companies have resumed hiring for higher-paid, skilled positions such as engineers and geologists, an indication that the industry is stabilizing as it emerges from a two-year bust. The number of people with energy industry-related skills fell from more than 16,000 in February 2016, to under 14,000 in February this year, the report said.
Unemployment in the Midland-Odessa region has fallen to about 2.4 percent, below the national average of 3.9 percent, as companies look to hire talent from major Texas cities and elsewhere. The LinkedIn report found that the region has seen a notable influx of workers from Houston, Dallas, and Austin.
These are jobs the Obama administration tried to suppress by pushing less efficient alternative energy.  These are good paying jobs that also strengthen the US economy and make it less dependent on imports.


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