UN report about US overlooks Trump's success at creating jobs

Washington Post:
An explosive U.N. report shows America’s safety net was failing before Trump’s election

Among countries in the developed world, the report says the United States has the highest rates of youth poverty, infant mortality, incarceration, income inequality and obesity.
If the US has the highest rate of youth poverty why are so many unaccompanied children risking their lives to enter the US illegally?  There is income inequality mainly in blue states controlled by Demkocrats, but that is far from the country as a whole.  The infant mortality rate is misleading because the US goes to greater lengths to try to save infants than less advanced countries. 

As for poverty, the Trump economy is giving people something of greater value than government benefits.  It is giving them a job and the dignity of work.  Since Trump was elected there are now more available jobs than there are people looking for work.  This gives the US a greater chance of luring people back into the workforce who had given up under Obama.


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