Trump is trying to force trading partners to be fair


“[O]ur friends and foes alike should recognize that President Trump has been remarkably faithful in keeping his campaign promises. From massive tax cuts to historic regulatory reduction to forcefully challenging one-sided international agreements, he has done exactly what he said he would do. There’s a simple lesson in President Trump’s record of achievement: Believe him,” the White House reported Kudlow as writing.

“Nowhere is this lesson clearer than when it comes to President Trump’s passion as a trade reformer. President Trump supports a vision of free trade that is fair and reciprocal. As a pro-growth reformer, the president understands that fair and reciprocal trade can knock down barriers, open up export markets and increase investment, which is the path to lasting economic growth,” Kudlow wrote.

“But this vision has been thwarted in recent decades by a lack of reciprocity, along with unfair and often illegal trading practices, including massive intellectual property theft. Country after country has been putting our global trading system at risk by raising tariffs and non-tariff barriers, protecting sectors from automobiles to agriculture. So do not blame President Trump for taking decisive actions that protect our American workers,” wrote Kudlow, who worked as Reagan’s budget deputy between 1981 and 1985.

“Past U.S. administrations — both Republican and Democrat — have paid only lip service to dealing with this breakdown. Not President Trump. He has shown courage and decisiveness to prevent harm to the American economy and its workforce, “ Kudlow wrote.

“As a lifelong free trader myself, tariffs have not been my preferred policy tool. But at a time when nations have become so unwilling to play by the rules and restore reciprocity, tariffs are a wake-up call to the dangers of a broken trading system that is increasingly unfree,” wrote Kudlow, who served as the Trump campaign's senior economic adviser.
I think Trump will be hitting those squealing the loudest with examples of their on protectionism and what he is willing to do to make things fairer.  For example, some of Canada's dairy tariffs on US goods are over 300 percent.  There is really no excuse for that.


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