Trump is angry with Sessions for not advising him that he would have to be AWOL while Democrats push bogus Russian collusion story

NY Times:

Why Is Trump Mad at Sessions? A Tweet Provides the Answer

President Trump acknowledged perhaps as explicitly as ever that he was angry at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not stopping the Russia inquiry. To critics, it is all but an admission of guilt.
It is patently absurd to call this an admission of guilt.  It is not surprising that any President would be unhappy that an investigation would be handled by a group of angry political opponents who want revenge for losing an election.  Trump is faced with irrational hatred because he won, and not because he engaged in any collusion with Russians or tried to "obstruct justice" when no crime was committed in the first place.  There are plenty of lawyers Trump could have selected who would not have had to recuse themselves and Sessions should have warned him of that before he took the job.


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