The picture that backfired on the anti-Trumpers at the G-7

Charles Hurt:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel (center) speaks with President Trump (seated at right) during the G7 Leaders Summit in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada, on Saturday. (Associated Press)

Vintage Donald Trump.

The picture — dispatched to the world by a fed up German diplomat inside the Canadian china shoppe — is marvelous for so many reasons. Not the least of which is that it’s the latest attempt by Mr. Trump’s detractors desperate to embarrass him — only to have it backfire.

No doubt if you are a self-regarding elite globalist enthralled with being loved by European leaders, then, sure, you will be shredded with rage over this picture showing an obdurate U.S. president — sitting arms crossed, uncaring — as the entire cabal of global leaders tries in vain to curb him, force him into line.

How dare the president of the United States shirk the august authority of the global puppet masters!

But, then again, you already hated the guy.

What Mr. Trump’s detractors are too dumb to understand is that it is precisely for these reasons that this picture brings Mr. Trump’s supporters to their feet cheering the president’s defiance in the face of such pearl-clutching wrath and fury.

And by “Mr. Trump’s supporters,” I simply mean regular patriotic Americans who want an American president to represent America’s interests instead of everybody else’s.
Well, it’s probably worth remembering at a moment like this that every single ticking time bomb around the world today — from Iran to Syria to Russia to Afghanistan to North Korea — every single one of them is the work product of all the great global diplomatic geniuses like Angela Merkel and John Kerry and Barack Obama.

All of these great diplomats either caused the problems that Mr. Trump inherited or they ignored them so long that they festered into a much worse and much more dangerous problems.
I agree with Hurt.  The picture of defiance is classic Trump, who is not impressed by liberals telling him his demands for fairness on trade are unfair.  The impassive stare says it all.  I do get the impression that Prime Minister Abe from Japan is with Trump on this one.


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