The NFL's move on national anthem was more about getting its fans back in their seats than pleasing Trump

Washington Post:
NFL owners tried to make Trump happy. Instead, they signed up for more bullying.

President Trump's decision to rescind the Philadelphia Eagles’ invitation to the White House for a Super Bowl celebration and reignite the debate over protests during the national anthem are just the latest indicators that Trump cannot be appeased on the issue.
When a third to a half of your customers are staying home because they don't like what they consider disrespect for the country, that is a bigger problem than what Trump has been saying about the protests.  The owners acted the same way the owners of any business would respond to losing business because of the actions of people who work for them.

The protest grew out of the "hands up, don't shoot" lie that sparked riots and anger by many Americans.  The players who are angering fans are the ones making a mistake.  It is ridiculous to blame Trump for spotting the anger that resulted from their actions.  That Trump sees a benefit in supporting the feelings of a majority of voters does not change the fact that the players have angered the customers with their actions.

I get the impression that liberals in the media are opposing the owners trying to get their customers back because the liberals in the media hate Trump.


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