The media is trying to defend a bad case of their own making

NY Times:

Tensions Flare With Press After Seizure by Justice Dept.

Leak investigations intensified under President Barack Obama, but a recent move by the Trump administration against a reporter raised concerns that the government was adopting a highly aggressive approach.
The media should walk away from this fight because it will expose a lot of its own dirty linen. 

Wolfe is no "Deep Throat" and the reporter, in this case, wrote distorted pieces using his information to wrongly suggest there was evidence of Russian collusion by people in the Trump campaign.   She took a story in which Page was helping the FBI find a Russian spy and her publisher suggested he was meeting with Russians at the time they were trying to build a bogus case of Russian collusion to explain why the Democrats lost an election. 

She also lied about her source suggesting that Trump lawyers were responsible for leaks by the guy she was in a "romantic" relationship with. 

If this were a lawsuit, it would be one the media should settle.


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