The divisive Obama and his comment about people in tribes

Peter Heck:
Fall back into their tribe? It is impossible to find a president before him who did more to isolate people into tribes than Obama. Remember:

  • It was Obama that tactlessly berated the Supreme Court during a State of the Union Address for daring to rule against him.
  • It was Obama who taunted Republicans from his opening moments as president by declaring, “Elections have consequences and I won.”
  • It was Obama who mocked his ideological opponents by suggesting that Republicans could come with him but they were going to have to ride in the back of the bus for awhile.
  • It was Obama who intentionally invited Paul Ryan to sit in the front row, unable to respond, as he publicly trashed Ryan’s budget plan with mischaracterizations and innuendo.
  • It was Obama that scorned those of us in “fly-over country” as bitterly clinging to our guns and religion.
  • It was Obama that stirred the race tempest repeatedly: from his references to “typical white people,” to falsely accusing the police of “acting stupidly” in their reasonable and appropriate detention of Louis Gates, to wading into the Trayvon Martin furor before the facts were known, to accusing the police of racism in Ferguson, Missouri even after the grand jury decision.
  • It was Obama that used memorial services to slaughtered victims of gun violence to lead lobby for his politics.
  • It was Obama that bragged about unilaterally circumnavigating Congress and enacting policy with his “pen and a phone.”
  • It was Obama whose own Vice President equated Republicans to terrorists – an offensive comparison that was backed up by others in his administration.

In short, Barack Obama’s entire presidency revolved around dividing people as a means to accruing power. Supremely unqualified for the role of an executive, he had mastered the art of political organizing, fund-raising, and posturing. Community organizers like himself are exceptionally adept at agitating people, organizing them, and provoking them to respond. For any president with such a track record to now offer fake lamentations over those who choose loyalty to their political tribes in a successive election is more than any rational mind can tolerate.
Besides being haughty and judgmental he lacked self-awareness.


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