The coming implosion of the Mueller investigation

IBS Editorial:
Recent developments suggest that the long-running Trump-Russia-collusion investigation, now in its third year, could be coming to a spectacular, perhaps explosive, end. Consider these recent developments:

Former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired for leaking information to the press and then lying about it, wants immunity in exchange for his testimony about the handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe during the 2016 presidential election. Does he know about illegal goings-on by the FBI and now wants immunity to reveal them?

FBI agent Peter Strzok played a bigger role in both the probes into Russia election meddling and Hillary Clinton's illegal email server than first thought, according to testimony given to the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees by Strzok's former supervisor, FBI spy chief Bill Priestap.

Moreover, the Senate released emails between Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, Strzok's lover, suggesting that the FBI's investigation into Trump began as early as December of 2015. That contradicts sworn testimony by former FBI Director James Comey that it began in July of 2016.

If true, this means the FBI ran a sting operation on Trump to disrupt his campaign — that the supposed "investigation" was a sham to cover up for an illegal act. Sources told ABC News that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's draft report on the FBI's Clinton email investigation calls former FBI Director James Comey "insubordinate" and says he "defied authority" in investigating the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is asking to have former Trump Campaign Director Paul Manafort's house arrest revoked on suspicion of felony witness tampering. Manafort already faces a 32-count indictment on felony tax, conspiracy and fraud charges, among other things.

So what do all these things suggest? That the Mueller investigation is unraveling fast. For more than two years, both the FBI and the Special Counsel's office have investigated the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

They have found nothing. In Mueller's case, the big fish is Manafort. But he has not tied anyone in the Trump campaign, including Manafort, to any efforts by the Russians to meddle in the 2016 presidential election with the Trump campaign. Manafort's charges have nothing to do with that, and show how absurdly broad Mueller's investigation has been.

He cast a net on the waters and caught nothing.

Meanwhile, revelations that the FBI spied on a major presidential campaign using information supplied and paid for by that campaign's political opponents has the potential to send FBI and DOJ officials to prison.
There is more.

Out of all the charges Mueller has brought, none allege Collusion with Russians and the Papadopoulos and Flynn investigations look more like entrapment.  The recent allegations against Manafort about witness tampering look pathetic.


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