Republicans pushing DACA without immigration reform are misguided and make reform less likely

NY Times:

Some in G.O.P. Risk Dividing Party to Protect ‘Dreamers’

From the Rocky Mountain West to Texas and to California, some Republicans are backing a petition that pressures Speaker Paul D. Ryan to hold a vote on legislation to protect the immigrants known as Dreamers.
This is not an intelligent move.  It throws away the best bargaining chip to get real reform and the border wall and even if they get it passed it will be vetoed.  It is hard to see how this will garner any votes since the dreamers are not eligible to vote to begin with.  Immigration policy needs to be decided on what is best for the country and not on empathy.   If Democrats were serious about solving the DACA problem they could have had a deal months ago if they were willing to compromise on their open borders policies.


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