Protectionists and unfair trade practices now defended as 'liberal world order'?

NY Times Op-ed:

The Trump Doctrine Is Winning and the World Is Losing

The planet is a safer place because of the liberal world order. The president wants to destroy it.
This seems like another misinterpretation of the Trump trade policies which at their heart are intended to result in actual free trade.  If you examine the end game in the current disputes it is doing away with protectionist tariffs that target US farmers and manufacturers.  Why in the world would the NY Times defend a 270 percent tariff on US dairy products by Canada?  Why defend a 10 percent tariff on US automobiles by Germany or a 25 percent tariff on US autos in China?

If that is what countries call world order, it sucks especially for US workers and businesses who are harmed by it.  No wonder former Democrats in those trades now support President Trump.

When I think of the planet being a safer place I think of a denuclearized North Korea and Iran.


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