Obvious failures of liberal Democrats cause San Francisco voters to consider GOP

NY Times:

Troubles in San Francisco Push Some Voters to Think Republican

Some residents of a liberal city are being drawn to the Republican Party by frustration with a trifecta of problems: homelessness, record housing costs and high crime rates.
Liberalism is not working in places like San Francisco.  I have been there several times and it used to have some positive aspects to go along with its liberalism, but those aspects are being overwhelmed by druggies, homeless people defecating on the streets, and housing restrictions which make the place unaffordable for the middle class.  The scenery has become more tawdry, and there appears to be a general lack of cleanliness about the place.

When a survey finds that half the people in an area are thinking about moving, it is a strong indicator that it has lost its charm.


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