Media trying to weaponize a cliche about whether the President is above the law

Washington Examiner:
Dershowitz, who has been in personal contact with the White House, said Trump’s legal team is merely arguing its interpretation of Trump’s constitutional authority and his oversight of the Justice Department, not making a sweeping argument that he is "above the law."

“The claim that President Trump is above the law has become a cliche,” Dershowitz said. “What he and his legal team are asserting is that the law provides them certain protections and immunities. That should surprise no one who is familiar with the Constitution. The Constitution also provides immunities for members of Congress. … That doesn’t place them above the law. That is the law."

"I think it’s fair to say that those people who are arguing that he is above the law are weaponizing a cliche," Dershowitz said.
I think it is fair to say that a hostile media has a tendency to construe every Trump remark in the darkest light they can to push their political objectives.


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