Media madness and getting caught

Andrew McCarthy:
Leak Investigations, Journalists, and Double Standards
McCarthy writes about the media which likes to claim that the President acts like he is above the law, while they do the same.

He also gives a good example of how they have attempted to deceive with their biased reporting of their Russian collusion theories:
For example, in spring 2017, Wolfe tipped Ms. Watkins that Russian spies had attempted to recruit Trump-campaign adviser Carter Page back in 2013. This leak did not occur in a vacuum. It had been revealed that the Obama Justice Department used the unverified Steele dossier, generated by the Clinton campaign, to obtain FISA-court surveillance warrants against Page. To control the damage, Democrats and other, uh, non-partisans wanted to claim that the FBI had reasons independent of the dossier to suspect that Page was a clandestine agent of Russia.

Wolfe obliged with the leak, enabling Watkins to write a BuzzFeed article provocatively headlined “A Former Trump Adviser Met with A Russian Spy” — although the story could just as easily have been entitled “A Former Trump Adviser Helped Justice Department Prosecute Russian Spies.” (Page voluntarily provided information that prosecutors used to arrest Moscow’s operatives.)

The indictment implies that Watkins’s story was based in part on top-secret intelligence provided to the committee by a U.S. intelligence agency on March 17. On that day, Wolfe and Watkins exchanged 82 texts, in addition to having a lengthy phone call. On April 3, the day the story was published, they exchanged 124 texts and spoke on the phone after Watkins appeared on national television to discuss her report.
The headline was grossly misleading and appears to have deliberately attempted to make it look like Page was "colluding" with Russians as part of the Trump campaign.  It is an example of the disgraceful and misleading reporting the media has engaged in to attack the legitimacy of Trump's election.

Red States also reports that the reporter lied about her sources for some of these stories.
Here’s Ali Watkins back in September of 2017…

So this constant barrage of "this person is appearing before SSCI on this day" or release of testimony has majorly irked them. On all sides.
The SSCI read is, Trumpster lawyers will leak info about upcoming appearances, blame the committee, then use as a pretext not to cooperate.

Some context, per today's weird SSCI-Cohen testimony bit.
Senate Intel has been SOOO frustrated in recent weeks by the constant dribble of leaks about who's testifying to them, when.

Those darn Trumpster lawyers were leaking according to Ms. Watkins. There’s just one problem. We now know that the leaks were actually coming from Mr. Wolfe.
In another case, the indictment said, Mr. Wolfe used an encrypted messaging app to alert another reporter in October 2017 that he had served Mr. Page with a subpoena to testify before the committee. The reporter, who was not named, published an article disclosing that Mr. Page had been compelled to appear. After it was published, Mr. Wolfe wrote to the journalist to say, “Good job!” and, “I’m glad you got the scoop,” according to court papers.
Notice the misdirect here. Despite her knowledge of the real source of all the leaks (she was sleeping with the guy and being fed information), she goes public with claims that it was Trump’s lawyers doing it. Why? Because narrative, that’s why. It allows her to lie about the actual source while blaming Trump in the process.


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