Man arrested in Galveston had no driver's license or auto insurance, but did have 19 kilos of cocaine in the trunk

Houston Chronicle:
Authorities in Galveston found 19 kilos of cocaine during a routine traffic stop, police said.

A Galveston police officer pulled over a black Nissan Sentra in the 5100 block of Ave. J, feet away from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, around 7 p.m. Thursday.

After speaking with the driver, 23-year-old Juan De Dios Don Juan, the officer learned he did not have a driver's license or insurance on the vehicle – meaning the Nissan would have to be towed away.

As the officer was taking inventory of the car before it was towed, the officer discovered the massive amount of cocaine in the trunk. Galveston Police Department authorities said the cocaine was packaged for transport and distribution.
Jail records show Don Juan also has an immigration hold.
Texas law banning sanctuary cities means at some point Juan De Dios Don Juan will have an appointment with ICE officers.  It could be after he serves a sentence for a felony manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance charge.


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