Is the media's inability to understand Trump's sarcasm feigned to make him look bad?

Washington Post:
Trump praises Kim’s authoritarian rule, says, ‘I want my people to do the same’

President Trump later said he was “kidding” when he said he wanted his people to “sit up at attention” when he speaks, just as the North Koreans do for Kim Jong Un.
This is reminiscent of the media's attempt to suggest Trump was colluding with the Russians when he said during a debate, he would like for them to release Hillary Clinton's missing emails.  It was immediately clear to me that he was using that as a way to point out her obstruction of justice by destroying emails and he was not serious about getting them from Russia, but the media acted like he was being treasonous. 

This looks like a similar case.   If there is a way to twist his words to make him look bad you can count on liberals in the media to do so.  They seem indifferent as to how this contributes to the declining respect for their craft.


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