Is the Democrat candidate for Texas governor waiting for the Russians to run ads on her behalf on Facebook?

Washington Free Beacon:
The Democratic nominee for the governor of Texas has not run a single advertisement on Facebook, a fact Republicans say demonstrates the campaign is hopeless despite claims to the contrary from the Democrat party.

Because of the recent controversy over Russia's meddling and attempts to influence the 2016 election particularly through social media platforms, Facebook now provides a search engine that archives political advertisements. A search using that tool for Lupe Valdez, the Democrats' nominee in Texas, shows a single ad that ran for her May 23-24, had a budget of less than $100, and was paid for by an outside entity, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump.

The search also showed she was mentioned in a secondary manner via advertisements for a candidate running for a state senate seat.

Compare Valdez's lack of Facebook advertising to that of the Senate campaign for Democrat Beto O’Rourke, also running for a statewide office. A similar search shows approximately 190 results, the earliest of which date back to May 20. Some of those ads had budgets of between $1,000 and $5,000.

Republicans say the lack of a Facebook presence runs counter to Democrats in the state who were claiming as recently as two weeks ago that a "blue wave" was rising, and that Texas was a "single-digit state."
Earlier reports indicate that Valdez is also behind on paying her property taxes.  She just does not seem that attentive to details.   Gov. Greg Abbott who is running for reelection has a strong digital presence and the last polling on the race indicated he had a double-digit lead.


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