Iranians looking for uranium to enrich in Libya killed by Israeli intelligence officers

Israel Hayom:
The two Iranians, shot at close range several days ago, were tasked with procuring uranium for enrichment purposes, Al-Arabiya reports • The Iranians were under Mossad surveillance from the moment they arrived in Tunisia, their entry point into Libya.

Israel's Mossad intelligence agency is suspected of being behind the recent assassination of two senior Iranian advisers in Libya.

The Dubai-based pan-Arab television news channel Al-Arabiya reported on Monday that the two Iranians, who were killed in south Libya several days ago, were part of a senior delegation dispatched by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps that had recently arrived in Libya to procure uranium for enrichment purposes.

According to the report, the two Iranian advisers were shot at close range by unidentified gunmen who fled the scene. The Iranians had reportedly been under Mossad surveillance from the moment they arrived in Tunisia, which was their entry point into Libya.

The Mossad agents, Al-Arabiya reported, had shadowed the Iranian delegation members and documented their meetings in Tunisia with senior Libyan officials, in an effort to barter Iranian military aid for uranium mined in Libya.
It looks like Iran has been lying to the Europeans about wanting to stay in the deal they cut with Obama and others.  It is what they do, so it is not that surprising.  If the Europeans are smart they will stop trying to salvage this bad deal and join with Trump in a tougher stand against Iran.


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