Iran begs countries to save Obama's bad nuclear deal

The world should stand up to Washington’s bullying behavior, Iran’s foreign minister was quoted as saying on Sunday by state media in a letter to counterparts, as the top diplomat intensifies efforts to save a nuclear deal after a U.S. exit.
In a letter from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to his counterparts last week, he asked “the remaining signatories and other trade partners” to “make up for Iran’s losses” caused by the U.S. exit, if they sought to save the deal.
Trump abandoned the agreement on May 8, arguing that he wanted a bigger deal that not only limited Iran’s atomic work but also reined in its support for proxies in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon and that curbed its ballistic missile program.
They can hide the fact that it was a terrible deal and that Trump had the right to not certify compliance and abandon it.  While some countries want to continue trade with Iran they will have the choice of doing business with Iran or with the US. Iran clearly needs the trade in order to sustain its proxy wars in the region and its ballistic missile program.  It would be a foolish move for the Europeans to help Iran to build weapons with which to target them.


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