Germany's Merkel is no longer seen as a conservative by many in US

Washington Post:
Trump’s envoy to Germany wants to ‘empower’ conservatives — but he doesn’t appear to mean Merkel

Richard Grenell’s remarks leave room for interpretation, but the comments were widely criticized both in the United States and in Europe for politicizing diplomacy with a core U.S. ally and as a further blow to transatlantic relations.
Merkel's decision to invite unvetted Muslim immigration in large numbers is seen as a serious mistake by most conservatives in Germany and in the US.  Her siding with Iran on Obama's bad Iran deal is another knock against her.  Then there is the deterioration in readiness of the Germany military that can't even muster more than a handful of fighter jets to defend itself.   If Merkel is a "conservative" she is certainly a disappointment to most other conservatives.  I think Grenell has a point.


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