Europeans want to keep trading with Iran's genocidal ethnic and religious bigots?

NY Times:

Europe Asks U.S. for an Exemption From Sanctions on Iran

A letter from European leaders to the Trump administration is a tacit acknowledgment that efforts to preserve the nuclear deal will fail without American help.
This is an absurd request.  Iran's leaders keep reaffirming their genocidal ambitions and sendong representatives out to buy more uranium for their nuclear program.  Isn't one genocide of the Jews enough for Germany?  This was always a terrible deal that at best only put forward the evil day when Iran would go nuclear against its enemies in the region.  It makes more sense to stop all funding of Iran's proxy wars and its nuclear-capable weapons now.

It is also clear that Iran seeks hegemony in the region that supplies most of Europe's energy needs.  Why would they deliver themselves into the hands of such ruthless people?

For their own good and for the good of the Middle East, this request must be denied.

Iran has already put the world on notice that they are building centrifuges.  Are the Europeans going to sell them the parts too?


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