Do Democrats really think minorities and veterans are too low functioning to keep a valid voter registration?

NY Times Op-ed:

The Ohio Purge and the Future of Voting

The Supreme Court’s upholding of a program that disqualifies some voters could hurt minorities and veterans across the country.
The program does not disqualify voters.  It is the voters' failure to vote or respond to questions about whether they want to remain on the voter rolls that disqualifies people.  It is, in fact, self -disqualification.  It could be caused by moving out of the area, dying or indifference to voting.

I live in a very diverse precinct in Texas.  That diversity extends to those working the polls when I vote.  I am also a veteran.  It was never a problem for me or anyone else at the polls to present a valid ID card.

Because most of the voter fraud cases I am aware of involve votes for Democrat candidates, I am suspicious about their opposition to voter ID.  If people are sent in to vote for people who haven't voted in several years and no ID is required it would make it easy to commit voter fraud.   It would make it easier for Democrats in large cities to put people on buses and send them from one precinct to the next to vote multiple times.


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