Democrats do not have a lock on Asian votes

Monica Showalter:
The New York Times frames the issue as if Democrats are entitled to Asian-American votes and there is no similar effort on the part of Republicans to win those same votes, which is contradicted by some of the information in the Times piece, to be discussed in a moment.

What it shows is that the plantation mentality is alive and well on the left, given that Asians are at least as likely to vote Republican as Democrat, yet Democrats consider these voters all theirs. To the Times, the only thing worth looking at is how Asians are supposedly turning Orange County blue by virtue of being Asian or something, instead of the growing trends that show a shift toward red.

Since the Times seems to be cheerleading for this particular side with its framing of the issue, let's pop their bubble: They shouldn't bet on it.

The trends emerging are how Democrats' customary identity politics are colliding headlong into Asian immigrants pursuit of the American Dream.

It started at least in 2014, when Asian Americans mobilized against a law in California that would have kept Asian-Americans out of the state's best schools....

Well, yeah. And President Trump's efforts to scrutinize Harvard's and other colleges' affirmative action policies for discrimination against Asians has been, to say the least, more aligned with Asians' views on merit-based university admissions.

Yet the Democrats keep pursuing anti-meritocratic policies that shut Asians out and cater to other special interest groups.
Note that the cities in California's anti-sanctuary state movement, has Orange County cities at its epicenter and nearly all of these cities have high Asian populations. It's those cities that are rebelling.
In March, the small city of Los Alamitos was the first to announce that they would put their commitment to federal law over state regulations, drafting an ordinance that would let them opt out of state-level sanctuary laws. Emboldened, other cities in Orange and San Diego Counties are drafting exemption ordinances of their own.
Here's another one: Democrats running Irvine and Orange County proper have begun dumping the homeless onto the cities of Asian-Americans, reducing the quality of their lives as bums take over in the shopping malls and city streets. Asian Americans rebelled against that, too, putting Democrats on the run....
There is more.

One of the keys for Republicans in getting the Asian vote is to get involved with the Asian communities in their area and ASK FOR THEIR VOTE.   That is something Republicans in Texas are starting to do and it seems to be having an effect.


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