Democrats alienate large Southern California county

NY Times:

Orange County Fights Turning Blue. And the Resistance Is Formidable.

The heart of Reagan Country may not love President Trump. But many there think state Democrats have badly overreached and want to check their power.
Orange County was once mostly owned by the family of George Patton.  It has been a strong conservative base for decades.  In recent years it has had an influx of Asians that the Democrats thought might help them get a foothold. 

While Asians tend to lean Democrat they also have strong feelings about property rights and their investment in real estate.  That is one area where the Democrats screwed up.  The Democrat politicians decided to dump homeless people in the Orange County communities with a strong Asian population.  It was not well received.

Meantime, the other conservatives in the county also strongly objected to the sanctuary state law imposed by liberal Democrats.  It has led to a rebellion against the law in several communities.


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