Demanding fair trade will cause the end of world order?

Washington Post:
In Trump, some fear the end of the world order

As each day brings new punches and counterpunches between President Trump and longtime U.S. partners, questions arise about the lasting effect of trade wars and antagonism.
It is no secret that the Washington Post writers, for the most part, do not like this President or his policies.  This has led to hyperbolic headlines on opinion columns and it looks like they are creeping into regular news stories.  Trump is using tariffs in order to get these countries to treat US goods and services fairly.  What is the justification for imposing 300 percent tariffs on US dairy products in Canada?  Why doe Germany add unfair charges to the sell of US autos in that country?

What is there to fear about fair trade?  The market should control the grice and not artificial barriers.


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