Deep state is losing the PR battle with Trump

Spygate: Majority Believe Feds Broke Law to Stop Trump from Winning Presidency

A majority of 51 percent of voters now believe “senior law enforcement officials are likely to have broken the law in an effort to prevent Trump from winning the presidency,” according to a poll from Rasmussen Reports.

Only 42 percent of voters believe it is “unlikely that these officials illegally attempted to stop a Trump presidency.”
The Deep State actors, even with the help of most of the media, is losing credibility with its ongoing attacks on the President and the revelations of the actions it took to defeat him.

I think Andrew McCarthy really nails it:
... “The back and forth about whether it was a spy or an informant is beside the point….They’re government-controlled covert operatives who you send in to get information regardless of what you call them and the important thing always is why you sent them in, not what you call them…”
... “And Gowdy is simply wrong when he says that the object here was to monitor the activities of a few tangential that had kind of tenuous connections to the Trump campaign. It was said explicitly in congressional testimony a number of times by former Director Comey that the FBI was conducting was conducting an investigation of the Trump campaign for coordinating in Russia’s cyberespionage operation…”
The majority of Americans appear to get this.


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