Cruz pushes back against Democrat attempts to deny Trump access to people on his national security team

Washington Free Beacon:
Cruz Attempts to Stop Political Weaponization of Security Clearance Process

Move comes after uptick in bureaucrats using access to secrets to sideline Trump political appointees

The move comes after at least two high-profile cases in which federal officials pulled the security clearances of two members of President Trump's National Security Council, or NSC, at the beginning of the administration last year.

Both NSC adviser Adam Lovinger, who was detailed to the NSC after serving 12 years in the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, or ONA, with his security clearance intact, and NSC Africa specialist Robin Townley had their security clearances pulled at the beginning of the Trump administration. The Washington Free Beacon first reported on the politicization of the security clearance process.

Advocates for Lovinger and Townley argue that the clearances were pulled to sideline them from the NSC because of their conservative political views, not for any real wrongdoing. Lovinger also alleges that he was retaliated against for whistleblowing on how the ONA doled out research projects worth millions of taxpayer dollars.

Cruz's legislative action also comes after Lovinger's attorney, Sean Bigley, wrote a Wall Street Journal editorial in early May blaming "hostile career bureaucrats" of the so-called "deep state" for "weaponizing" the process to thwart the president's agenda by holding or blocking appointees.
I suspect this was an attempt by Obama holdovers to thwart the new administration and keep in place, liberal cronies.  It is typical of the bad faith exercised against Trump appointees by abusing the security clearance process.  The process has also been used to delay approval of other people appointed by President Trump.

Obama holdovers have also tried to keep Bolten appointees from taking office by some of the same methods.


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