California voters angered by Democrat gas tax

Washington Free Beacon:
Simmering anger over California Democrats’ passage of a $52 billion gas tax and soaring prices at the pump were the driving force that propelled GOP businessman John Cox to a surprisingly solid second-place finish in the gubernatorial contest Tuesday night, according to several Republican strategists.

Energized by their overwhelming victory in removing a state senator from office as punishment for his vote to hike gas taxes, Republican organizers of the recall push and a parallel effort to repeal the gas tax this fall are planning to double-down on the strategy in the general election.

Voters recalled state Sen. Josh Newman by a wide margin Tuesday.

Carl DeMaio, a popular radio talk show host and former member of the San Diego City Council who organized the recall, celebrated the victory and said it buoyed the campaigns of several key Republicans up and down the state, including Cox’s.

"Make no mistake about it: State Sen. Josh Newman's political career is over because he supported the car and gas tax hikes," DeMaio said earlier in the evening. "No amount of special interest money could save Josh Newman because of voter anger over the gas and car tax hike is so intense."
The state Republican Party spent more than $1.2 million on the recall and Democrats, including Gov. Jerry Brown, countered with more than $4 million to fight it. The state Senate's Democratic Caucus also backed an effort by the State Political Practices Commission to lift a $4,400 limit on contributions to Newman from other senators.
Democrats in Sacramento are forcing some residents in the state to "choose between buying gas and buying groceries," each day on their way home from work, Harkey, who sits on a state tax board, said Tuesday night.
What I find really strange is Democrats are trying to sell California as a model for America.  While many middle-class Californians are leaving the state the greedy Democrats would lake to chase them down and make them pay by pushing their failed policies on the states to which the people are fleeing to.


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